Trailer for “Death of Superman Lives”

Here’s a new trailer to the upcoming and so fascinating documentary DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES.  Tim Burton.  Kevin Smith.  Some really intriguing stuff here about a well into development movie that we’ll never see.  With all the SUPERMAN v. BATMAN talk, I can’t help wondering what it could have been like if this flick got made and was successful.  Would we have eventually seen Burton’s BATMAN (Michael Keaton) and his collab with Smith on SUPERMAN?

Star Wars Update

Gris Grimly Ghosts Come Out to Socialize

Looks like Disney has been developing a HAUNTED MANSION animated special with Gris Grimly on board as art director and executive producer.  How cool is that?  Also on the production team are Phineas (no not the hitchhiking ghost) & Ferb’s Scott Peterson & Joshua Pruett.  Grimly has also been connected to Guillermo del Toro’s developing PINNOCHIO.  Maybe this will give Guillermo’s long in development HAUNTED MANSION a push.