Gris Grimly Ghosts Come Out to Socialize

Looks like Disney has been developing a HAUNTED MANSION animated special with Gris Grimly on board as art director and executive producer.  How cool is that?  Also on the production team are Phineas (no not the hitchhiking ghost) & Ferb’s Scott Peterson & Joshua Pruett.  Grimly has also been connected to Guillermo del Toro’s developing PINNOCHIO.  Maybe this will give Guillermo’s long in development HAUNTED MANSION a push.

Force For Change, X-Wing Confirmation, REBELS!

To push the final days of Unicef’s FORCE FOR CHANGE campaign, Mr. Abrams sweetened the deal by adding an private Ep.VII pre-release screening.  Very nice!  And oh look at that,  he also showed off a very cool new but kinda familiar vehicle.  Check out the video here.  Just 3 days left!

An extended trailer to the upcoming animated series REBELS was released.  This show is looking really good!  Check it out here. And yes, Jason Isaacs provides the Inquisitor’s voice!


Finally Something Entertaining in a Tomorrowland Show!

Usually not the type to crack up at those “funniest home video” fails but this made me laugh out loud.  So here’s a video from Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland where Mrs. Incredible falls and well her face detaches from the rest of the costume and ends up on the stage floor.  Huge kudos to the show’s emcee (thankless job btw) for how he helped her.

Pre-Broadway Reviews for Sting’s THE LAST SHIP

I’ve been looking forward to this show for quite some time – long before a very well received segment on this year’s TONY Awards.  Here are some reviews for Sting’s upcoming Broadway musical THE LAST SHIP which played in Chicago until July 13th.  THE LAST SHIP opens will dock on the Great White Way this October.