Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim…

You will never find a more devoted flock of fans and family.

“Family” is a loaded word, but one that proved omnipresent throughout the four-day Star Wars event. At the Anaheim Convention Center, over 150,000 fans united in their love for a galaxy far, far away. Stars and creatives presided over a weekend of shocking media reveals, insightful panels, and fan events.


This wasn’t my first trench run with Celebration. I’d attended the 2010 Orlando event, but it was nothing like this. The schism between prequel apologists and original trilogy truthers was mended, attendance had quintupled, and genuine excitement crackled in the air for creators and fans alike. It can’t be overstated: Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney changed everything.

Ahead, you’ll find an exhaustive report that details (mostly) the entire weekend. To assist in your reading, we’ve broken down the whole hunk of junk into 10 informative sections…

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Joe Rogan And Mike Goldberg React To The ‘Star Wars’ Trailer In This Brilliant Mashup

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If you’ve ever wanted to see UFC commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg freaking out over the new Star Wars trailer, this is the video for you. It’s ultimately a sneaky ad for UFC 186, this Saturday on PPV, but it’s still pretty great to see Rogan giggling like a kid when Han Solo shows up at the end. I can find Rogan and Goldberg tedious at times, but now I need to see their reactions to other movie trailers or the rest of the Star Wars films. Hopefully he uses his “throw that thing in the trash” line about Beatum the Robot for Jar-Jar Binks.

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Days 3 & 4 wrap up

So much going on… some of our days are blurring into each other.

The spin-offs will now be branded STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY!  ROGUE ONE will be the first.  The idea for this new series of films started with George Lucas before the Disney deal was made.

A brief teaser for ROGUE ONE was revealed.  It featured EP. IV dialogue from Obi Wan, TIE fighters flying over a jungle planet and then…the Death Star, title card (with the anthology addition) accompanied by voices (Rebel soldiers calling for back-up?).  Based on a story by ILM’s John Knoll, “A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans in the Star Wars anthology film, ROGUE ONE.”  Director Gareth Edwards said the movie will focus more on the Star WARS.  That it would be realistic.  It will not feature Jedi.  It will take place pre-EP. IV so there could be connections to REBELS.  Felicity Jones will star.

Alan Dean Foster is the author of THE FORCE AWAKENS novelization.

Fan Film Awards:  LESSER EVIL takes home the Kathleen Kennedy Choice Award, JOURNEY TO A FAN FILM gets the Audience Choice Award & Best Nonfiction Fan Film, KOTOR: BROKEN SOULS takes home Best Visual Effects, FORCE-FULL IMAGINATION gets Spirit of Fandom Award, Best Animation goes to STAR WARS: NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION and BOUNTY BUDDIES takes Best Comedy.


July will have STAR WARS: LEGO DROID TALES on DisneyXD.  This 5 part series will be centered around C-3PO and R2-D2’s POV of the Star Wars saga.

Some Fun from the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Check out this AFOL’s (adult fan of Lego) hyper detailed theory of how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc.   Here’s more Lego mastery by Dan Sto over on Flickr.

Here’s an awesome R2-D2 dresser; a gift a kid will never forget!

Over on doghousediaries, here’s a pic that well illustrates the concept of true arch-nemeses in Star Wars.

Who wouldn’t want an “IIndiana Jones Frozen in Carbonite” t-shirt

…Or this R2-Q5 virtual keyboard from Japan?

At the Tribeca Film Fesitval, Mr. George Lucas joked about his “wooden dialogue” with Stephen Colbert.  “It’s not wooden,” Colbert added.  “It’s hand-carved.”  Lucas said he hasn’t seen the new trailer for THE FORCE AWAKENS yet and that he’s going to see it on a big screen.  Lucas said, “I hope it’s successful.  I hope they do a great job.”  Of the movie itself he said, “I don’t know anything about it…this time will be very thrilling.”

Here’s both TFA trailers combined by Adam Kontras:

DAPs Magic has the first viewing of the trailer at SWCA along with the roar of the crowd:

We love Fr. Roderick’s reaction to the new trailer:

And lastly, we’re looking forward to this spin-off of LOUIE by Nerdist: