Six Big Heroes

As our favorite animated movie from 2014 is about to get its home video release (already available digitally), BIG HERO 6 has passed $500 million!  Hiro, Baymax and the gang are still to open in some large markets around the world.

Baymax helped make National Hugging Day even more huggable – like a big warm marshmallow.

Check out Jin and Friends on their deviantart page (behindinfinity) and tumblr.  The BEST Big Hero 6 cosplay ever!  Excellent!!!!!!!!  They really get it.  Help spread word on the great stuff they are making.

Over at Variety, the movie’s co-directors Chris Williams & Don Hall talk about its story, heart, success and sequel possibilities.

Harry Potter Fans Will Find Khoa Ho’s Set Of 4 Prints As Magical As A Basilisk

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Khoa Hohas released a limited edition, timed release of four wonderful Harry Potter prints.  Harry, Hermione, Ron and “the bad guy”, (sorry, we are NOT supposed to utter his name), are all featured and are part of Khoa’s growing “Mighty Mini” series.


 “I Don’t Go Looking For Trouble, Trouble Usually Finds Me”  – $20



“We All Could Have Been Killed Or WORSE, Expelled!” – $20


Here is what Khoa had to say about this fantastic set of prints. This is a continuation of my mighty mini series with Hero Complex Gallery. Harry Potter has had such a huge impact to millions of people around the world. My tribute highlights the four main characters Harry, Ron, Hermione and he who must not be named with some of the iconic imagery from the series. This is my small…

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Some Fun from the Galaxy Far, Far Away

That’s no moon, that’s a FIRE PIT!  Check out this awesome Death Star (II) Fire Pit!  Built by Kenneth Triplett, an 84 year old New Mexico native.  He should be proud of this technological terror he’s constructed, although the ability to warm a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Next up in our parade of awesome, check out the Rocking Ride-In Spaceship (you’ll immediately know what kind) at StevensWoodenToys on DeviantArt.

Superb craftsmanship went into both these creations.

Star Wars action figure lot auctioned for over $27,000 in the U.K.

Remember when the Muppets met Star Wars?  Check this out over at The Dissolve.

Over at,  see when Kermit and Miss Piggy visited Dagobah on the Empire Strikes Back set via joinmeinthesun.  Works for me, Kermit is a frog and Dagoabh is a swamp.

Here’s a chat about the power of story between George Lucas and Robert Redford  at his Sundance Film Festival.

Which Star Wars occupation would fit you best?  Source:

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As cosplayers are preparing for Celebration, ComicCon, DragonCon, etc., Dave Filoni has posted official REBELS color guides over on the official Star Wars blog.

Spidey Assemble!

The big news broke late Monday that a deal has been made between Marvel and Sony Pictures thus allowing Spider-Man to enter the MCU.  Marvel has been working for years to get the rights back from Sony.  Some industry insiders say that Disney has offered billions.  Spidey is going to appear in 2016’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR!   This makes the most sense out of the announced upcoming titles.  Avi Arad’s role will trimmed to Executive Producer = NO CREATIVE INPUT (we hope).  Sony will allow Spider-Man to be in CIVIL WAR as they take time to pull together their next big web-slinging adventure (another reboot?!?!).  It’s a hugely positive and smart first step for Marvel in getting Spider-Man back 100%

As of now, Sony’s next Spider-Man is due on July 28, 2017 causing some re-adjusting of Marvel’s Phase 3 slate:

THOR: RAGNAROK moves to November 3, 2017.

BLACK PANTHER moves to July 6, 2018.

CAPTAIN MARVEL moves to November 2, 2018.

INHUMANS moves to July 12, 2019.



Lloyd Webber Tweets Praise for HAMILTON

Looks like The Public has another hit in the making.  The hottest ticket in New York is for HAMILTON – Lin Manuel Miranda’s off Broadway (but not for long) hip hop inspired telling of founding father Alexander Hamilton’s life.

Joss Whedon, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Helen Mirren and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber have all seen HAMILTON.  Webber tweeted that the show “raises and changes the bar for musicals.” He also commends the “brilliant lyrics, staging, cast.  Creator / lead Lin Manuel is special.”  Whoa.  Some high praise there. Sounds like it’s well deserved…Lin Manuel is also behind INTO THE HEIGHTS!

Check out much more about HAMILTON and Lin Manuel in this New Yorker article.

New Production of CARRIE to Surround L.A. Audiences

A newly re-imagined, environmental, audience immersive production of the cult fav musical CARRIE is getting ready to spill blood at The La Mirada Theatre in Los Angeles.  The classic horror novel was written by Stephen King.  The musical’s book is by Lawrence D. Cohen, music by Michael Gore and lyrics by Dean Pitchford.  The La Mirada Theatre will be transformed into Ewan High School and it’s audiences will be in the middle of all the fun.

CARRIE THE MUSICAL begins previews on March 12, 2015!